The Brewery

Our Process

At our brewery, to create our signature brews, we start with styles which exemplify classic beers from different regions, from England to Bavaria to Belgium to California. We take these styles, narrow down exactly what we love about each, and develop our recipes accordingly, proudly serving our own interpretations of these classic beers. Often the changing seasons offer inspiration for our beer. We dedicate time and taps to brews that complement both the weather outside and the seasonal produce our kitchen uses. Through it all, we lean towards three things: simplicity, delicacy, and balance. Whatever the style or strength, we brew complex, not complicated.

Our Brewhouse

Our 10bbl brewhouse was built to spec by W.M. Sprinkman Corp. in Franksville, WI. Each time we brew, we produce 10 brewer’s barrels–or 310 gallons–of beer. On average, we brew two to three times per week. We spend the rest of our time managing the fermentation and conditioning of the beer, keeping things clean, and of course bouncing ideas back and forth.

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