About Us

About Us

Smylie Brothers Brewing Company is a craft brewery and smokehouse born out of years of Mike Smylie’s dedication to BBQ and brewing, and a lifetime of Smylie family backyard cookouts.

Here, we offer every customer the passion for BBQ instilled by our Texan father, the hospitality of our South Side Irish mother, and the kind of camaraderie you only get with five brothers born in six years.

Smylie Brothers is where you come to lean back with some cold, craft brewed beer and lean forward over great pizza and mouthwatering BBQ, and tell new stories, and laugh at old jokes. Once you step through our doors, see our wide-open dining room, smell the brisket in our smoker, and watch the cascading bubbles of a freshly poured draft, you’ll know that no matter where you’re from, you’re home while you’re here.


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